5 Ways to Lower your Summer Cooling Costs

Cooling costs us the most money on our energy bill each month but nothing beats the cool, crisp air the A/C provides to us when it is hot outside. Luckily, you can enjoy A/C refreshment and save money in the process with the following summer cooling tips.

  1. Schedule an A/C tuneup. This service should be a regular part of your maintenance plan since it prolongs the lifetime of the unit and prevents breakdowns that may leave you sweltering in the heat.
  2. Use the ceiling fan to circulate cool air. This allows you to turn down the A/C at least 3 degrees, ultimately saving an abundance of money.
  3. Keep the blinds open at night to cool off the interior of the home but close them during the day when the heat is overbeating to keep hot air outside.
  4. We think that proper seals are important only during the winter but it makes a difference during the summer, too. Make sure doors and windows are properly sealed to keep cool air in the home.
  5. Install a programmable thermostat if one is not in the home already. This type of thermostat is energy-efficient and can greatly reduce cooling costs this summer.
  6. Turn off the lights during the day because they generate heat. At night, limit lighting used in each room. You can also save money on cooling costs each month by using appliances when needed.
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Expert A/C Care for Your Appliance

If you experience problems with the A/C or need to schedule a tune-up, a professional expert like the technicians at Howard Air can take care of your needs. The sooner you call professionals, the sooner you regain the cool comforts the A/C offers.

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