Post Operative Instructions Once Tooth Extraction Is Done

Tooth extraction is a very safe procedure, but there are things that you need to take care of after the procedure. After the tooth extraction is done, a blood clot will form, which will stop the bleeding.

The formation of the blood clot is when the healing process begins. You will be notified of the necessary post-op procedures from any reputable dentist or clinic offering emergency tooth extraction anderson.

Applying Cold Pressure

Applying ice packs on your face could help a lot to relieve the pain. Place the pack exactly on the outside of the area of surgery. You may experience pain almost 48 to 72 hours after the surgery.

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While applying the ice pack, you need to keep your jaws in motion. Make sure that you do not exert too much pressure on your jaws.

Avoid rinsing for 24 hours

After the surgery, it is better not to exploit the operated area. You should avoid spitting or rinsing too hard for at least 24 hours. Brushing is necessary to heal the area, but it should be done very gently.

After 24 hours, you can rinse your mouth with a salt warm water solution. This will disinfect the area and also improve your oral hygiene.

Do not smoke or drink using a straw

Smoking can cause serious complications after your tooth extraction surgery. Doctors advise not to indulge in smoking at least for a week after you have had the extraction. 

You should also avoid drinking anything with a straw. If the straw pokes your muscles, then it could lead to a dry socket.

Eat Soft Food

Do not eat food that needs to be chewed much for at least a few days. You can eat liquids or creamy food such as smoothies, yogurt, mashed potato, shakes, and such.


To ensure that the surgical area dries off quickly, take all your medications on time. With the right care, you will get rid of the pain and go back to your old habits within a very short time.